Delivery of Flowers in Santa Monica

Delivery of Flowers in Santa Monica

The best way to give pleasure or cheer loved ones up is to send them a bunch of beautiful flowers. It will be your way to express love, friendship and care without words. Floral N5, one of the top flower shops, will always help you to realize your good intentions to bring joy to other people. Talented florists will create the unique bouquet or flower composition for your special occasion. And it may happen that the delivered product will be much better than the one in the catalogue.

Flower shop near me in Santa Monica

If you live in Santa Monica all florists can be considered near me flower shops. But if you choose Floral N5 it doesn’t even need to go out and get your flowers. It will be enough to place your order on Floral N5 website and make the required payment. Then our manager will contact you to clarify all details concerning your flower option or some special preferences. After that you can wait for the flower delivery to any address indicated in the order.

If the order is placed before 1:00 pm the bouquet or the flower composition will be delivered the same day if the other date is not agreed with the customer.

What flowers can be delivered to Santa Monica

A Los Angeles flower delivery shop can offer a great variety of the freshest flowers for any occasion. You will have a chance to appreciate a high quality of service provided by professional florists of Floral N5. Chic bouquets and elegant flower compositions will come as a lovely surprise for your addressee.

The following flowers can be delivered from Los Angeles to Santa Monica:

  • roses;
  • eustoma lisianthuses;
  • tulips;
  • gerbera daisies;
  • cala lilies;
  • hydrangea flowers;
  • chrysanthemums.

For orchid lovers Floral N5 will be ready to supply orchids in pots. Those who are fond of succulents can get them delivered as well. All flowers will be carefully packed to avoid any damage during their transportation.

Packaging of flowers delivered to Santa Monica

The flower delivery shop supplies flowers for all occasions: birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth of a child, funeral. In every case flower packaging should answer the purpose of current affairs. Floral N5 delivers its beautiful compositions in boxes of different shapes, size and colours, in baskets, in white and coloured glass vases.

You can choose your flower composition and packaging option looking through our online flower shop catalogue.It will give an overall conception of how your present will look like. In case the chosen flowers or containers are not available due to some market or seasonal conditions they will be substituted with items of the same or higher value. You should not worry about your present. The florist compiling your bouquet or flower composition guarantees that the overall idea of your order will be preserved.

A local florist in Santa Monica

It’s not a secret that living plants decorate any house and create a pleasant atmosphere in the office. Floral N5 and its local florist can offer tender daily flowers delivery to make your home warm and cosy. A bouquet of fresh roses delivered in a glass vase will add romance to home style.

Any office is our second home. That’s why it is so important to feel comfortable in a place where you spend a lot of time. The florist’s professional advice will help to choose the best decor for office interior design, potted flowers and original bouquets that match the office style.


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You will be pleased with the high quality products and professionalism of our flower delivery service that can guarantee your orders to be delivered on time.