Eternal Rose Care

An eternal rose is an unusual and impressive gift for a loved one. Such a flower undergoes special stabilization, which allows it to live up to 5 years. To make the bouquet eternal, it is brought to a stable state with a solution. Then it is placed in a glass vacuum flask and gift wrapped.

Stabilized flowers are a bright novelty in floristry. These are the same living plants, but they are able to live much longer. Eternal roses have a very wide range of uses. These gifts are special and durable. They can decorate shop windows of boutiques, hotels, restaurants, as well as the interior of the house. Eternal roses are a trendy gift arrangement instead of regular bouquets. The main advantages of these colors are:

  • exclusivity;
  • minimal care;
  • compliance with the interior;
  • durability;
  • stunning appearance.

In the online store Flower Shop N5 you can buy a unique, beautiful gift for your girlfriend, mother, sister, friend, colleague. Prompt delivery will allow you to make a pleasant surprise to your loved one in a short time. Eternal roses are very persistent. They remain beautiful for several years, and do not lose their original attractiveness. Therefore, flowers will be a bright part of the interior for a long time.

Rose stabilization process

Making everlasting roses is a laborious process. In addition to growing these kinds of flowers, they are carefully prepared. First, they are cut off and after a couple of hours they are left in vats of glycerin-based water. After that, the leaves and stems are rubbed with a special compound - it helps to maintain the rigidity of the tissues. As a result, a flower with elastic tissues and a peculiar smell is obtained.

How to care for eternal roses?

Caring for eternal roses is not difficult, but a must. You need to adhere to these recommendations:

  • do not leave flowers in the place where direct sunlight falls - this will lead to fading and evaporation of glycerin;
  • it is important to regularly wipe the flask with a rose from dust with a dry cloth or broom;
  • do not leave in a dry room with a low level of humidity;
  • it is undesirable to open the flask.

Also, it is important to place the flower arrangement away from drafts and high temperatures. Watering the eternal rose is not worth it. There is enough moisture in it to remain in its original form for a long time.

Which roses to choose?

In our online store various compositions of eternal roses are presented at a nice price. The client can choose any option among the products in the catalog. For example, men can order red roses for their girlfriend or white flowers for their mother or sister. The variety of color palette is amazing, and everyone can buy a rose of their favorite shade.

Pink eternal roses will be a wonderful gift for a loved one on March 8 - they have an attractive appearance that beckons the eye. You can order black roses for your friend's birthday - this is an unusual composition that enchants at first sight. Golden flowers es look original and expensive - they will definitely amaze the hero of the occasion.

We offer different options for compositions - you can buy flowers in round or square packaging, as well as in the shape of a heart. In any form, they are amazing.

The price for the compositions is indicated taking into account their high quality and durability, so our clients always know what they are paying for. To order, you need to add the product to the cart and fill out special forms. The manager responds to requests quickly. It provides all the information about the product and helps with the checkout process.