Floral No5 – flowers to create a mood

Sending flowers around Beverly Hills is a quick and easy way to surprise a friend, family member, loved one, or even a colleague. Flower shop "Floral No5" is a name that for many years has been synonymous with quality florists and sending beautiful flower arrangements anywhere. For many years now, our company has been helping to make the holidays and memorable dates of friends, relatives, colleagues and loved ones memorable, beautiful and emotional. Therefore, if you are looking for a florist closest to you, go to the website of our online store and be sure that you will get exactly what you expect.  Ordering flowers via the Internet should not seem impersonal, our florists are well aware that flower delivery is an important event, therefore, all measures are taken to ensure an individual approach to each customer.

Why we are the best flower delivery

There are times when it is impossible to give flowers to a mother, beloved, or a friend personally for various reasons. At such a moment, our delivery service comes to the rescue, which will never let you down. The advantages of working with us are as follows:

  1. The flowers delivered by our local florists are the finest and freshest, and the bouquets are prepared and handcrafted, which means our bouquets are delivered on the same day of order.
  2. A wide selection of plants from simple budget to exquisite exotic. This means that for any budget, our employees are able to create an excellent stylish composition.
  3. Reasonable prices, good discounts for regular customers.
  4. Professional florists will listen to all the wishes of the client, take into account aesthetic preferences, a reason for flowers and create an ideal composition. In addition, you can add a cute soft toy, the recipient's favorite sweets, balls, or a drink to the bouquet.
  5. We can guarantee the freshness of all stems for at least seven days, which means that your gift will delight the eye for a long time, and you can be sure that it will be remembered for even longer.

Ordering flowers from us is easy, fast and very convenient. All the client needs is to visit the official website of our online store "Floral No5", choose the composition he likes and fill in the necessary information. The bouquet will be delivered in perfect condition and on time.

Choosing the right flowers

Flower delivery in Beverly Hills is more than just a regular gift. Sending flowers to a loved one is not only to present a beautiful gift, but also to convey your best wishes, confess your feelings, thank you for your love and care, ask for forgiveness or just support at the right time. Sometimes a flower arrangement correctly and with a soul can tell more than a thousand words. The most popular flowers on the store's website:

  1. The queen of flowers is a rose. Despite the versatility of these colors, they are presented to the closest and dearest people. Red - to express passion, love and attention. Pink is suitable for a friend, sister, white - for newlyweds, parents, relatives.
  2. Gerberas are flowers of friendship, positiveness and lightness. A bouquet of multicolored buds that look like small suns can instantly cheer you up.
  3. Eustomas are delicate, fragile. They are able to evoke the warmest and most tender feelings. Present them to the girl you like.
  4. Peonies and lush hydrangeas symbolize harmony, wealth and prosperity.
  5. Exquisite lilies, exotic orchids, stylish irises give extraordinary personalities, strong and self-confident. In this way, you can express your admiration for the person.
  6. Beautiful, stylish bouquets of carnations or chrysanthemums are usually presented to bosses or higher status. These flowers symbolize wisdom and harmony.
  7. Tulips, alstroemeria, lisianthuses give to creative, light and outstanding personalities, as well as girlfriends and romantic natures.

Whatever flowers you choose, they will definitely cause only positive emotions. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to deliver flowers throughout Beverly Hills and make your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones feel happy and noticed. Please someone today with a magnificent bouquet of flowers delivered by our company.