Flowers as a gift to Glendale

Most of the female population of any country adores receiving flowers as a sign of love, care, attention or respect. But there are also such representatives of the fair sex who prefer to get a fur coat, a car or “the best friends of girls” diamonds instead of flowers. Beautiful plants are perceived by them as a traditional, banal and completely optional addition to a gift. But today we are talking only about those who can appreciate the beauty and freshness of natural flowers.

Flowers you can present

A large selection of flowers is offered by Floral N5. You can familiarize yourself with the assortments of products presented on the official site. After browsing the catalog think about what feelings you want to express with your gift and then choose the flowers that are necessary for this purpose. The number of flowers in a bouquet must be odd and their number also has a certain meaning:

  • one flower a girl is of great importance for a guy;
  • three flowers a desire to further develop relationships;
  • five flowers an expression of love;
  • seven flowers a passionate desire to be always together;
  • nine flowers and more the best, favorite and only one.

Not only the quantity but also the flowers presented, their color are of great importance. They are able to convey those feelings that cannot always be expressed in words. Of course the best gift will be flowers that a woman loves. She will be happy to receive them from the hands of a loved one. Here are the meanings of some flowers that can be used to create delightful bouquets:

  • roses are a favorite classic, the brighter the color, the stronger the feelings, white and light shades express admiration and tenderness;
  • gerberas bright feelings of joy and fun. If a girl is an optimist by nature, then she will understand that you value these qualities in her;
  • decorative sunflowers an unusual but very expressive bouquet. It combines care, warmth, attention, love and happiness that a person feels next to you;
  • lilies tenderness of feelings, but you need to be careful with them as a strong fragrance can cause headaches or allergies;
  • orchids a special attitude towards a woman and a desire to be together a lifetime;
  • tulips warm pure feelings of friendship and love;
  • irises sincere admiration.

Do not give carnations, chrysanthemums and asters as they can be called neutral. Present these flowers just like that for no reason.

Floral N 5 information

Having decided on the choice of the bouquet, find our store which is located at Los Angeles, Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA. It works from 9.00am to 5.00pm on weekdays and from 10.00am to 5.00pm on weekends. There you can personally place your order for delivery to Glendale. Floral №5 provides a large selection of any fresh flowers including seasonal and exotic. Professional florists will be happy to help you choose a suitable bouquet or create a composition of your choice.

You can also visit our official site and order a bouquet with delivery to your destination. In this case you must fill out a short form indicating the exact address of the recipient. After discussing all the necessary details regarding the bouquet and delivery procedure with our manager the order must be paid in a convenient way for you.

Floral №5 has a good reputation and grateful feedback from customers who have used our services. The delivery service treats its obligations with great responsibility. Orders placed before 10 am are delivered the same day. If the gift must be delivered by a certain date, then be sure to indicate this condition in the electronic form which you fill out in the online flower shop. And don't worry about anything else as the company will do everything efficiently and on time.