Elite Flower Delivery in Irvine


Elite and original Irvine flowers are a great opportunity to express sincere feelings. Non-standard bouquets are often awarded to soul mates, work colleagues, for various celebrations and other events. Right now you can familiarize yourself with all the offers in our catalog and decide on a suitable option. For user convenience, items are sorted by sections. You can create your compositions or ask for help from qualified florists. Checkout takes a minimum of time. The manager will contact you, clarify several issues, after which the experts will begin to create works of art.


Irvine Flower Delivery is quite fast. You can order the delivery to any place (home, office, restaurant, and so on). Different payment methods are available. Now you know exactly how to please your beloved woman with a pleasant surprise or congratulate relatives and acquaintances on an important event, even if you are outside the city limits.

The most popular kinds of elite flowers


Our flower shop Irvine offers the delivery of compositions from the most popular floral masterpieces which are:


  • Roses. These flowers relate to festive and elegant colors, suitable for a variety of celebrations. The buds look elegant, complemented by brightly colored petals. This is a great main or additional gift, regardless of the time of year. Thanks to the selection, gardeners have developed beautiful and original varieties, so users are offered many different options for any occasion.
  • Tulips. Such an amazing plant as a tulip immediately causes an association with heat, in the spring, and probable life changes for the better. By the way, tulips are often presented not only to the fair sex but also to men. During the selection, special emphasis should be placed on the shade.
  • Chrysanthemum The plant of chrysanthemum is distinguished by special symbols. It can be combined with other flowers like asters, gerberas, daisies, carnations. It symbolizes power, wealth, nobility, therefore, often such bouquets are presented at official events with business meetings.
  • Orchids. Orchids belong to the category of expensive and elite flowers. They are given for birthdays, weddings, engagements, business meetings, births of children. They are handed on various occasions or simply as a sign of attention. If you present them as a gift to a colleague or boss, you will be able to show special respect for the recipient and emphasize his special status.
  • Hyacinth. Wishing to have the spring mood? Then the best option would be purchasing a  luxurious bouquet of hyacinths. The dearest people will be grateful for receiving such a wonderful gift anytime.



Irvine flowers can have different designs. For example, quite often they are placed in specialized beautiful boxes, inside of which, the bouquets look complete, full, original. By the way, plants in such boxes are not affected by the negative environmental impact, plus they look elegant and presentable.


The flower basket does not need additional care. Plants are nourished by a floristic sponge filled with water and allowing not to care for the plants. They just need to be watered once a day with a small amount of water so that the composition is fresh for a long time. Often, flower baskets are presented as part of a business greeting so that the recipient does not have to spend time looking for a vase.


What could be more pleasant than receiving an unusual bouquet created by a florist with unlimited imagination? We recommend that you carefully read the copies available in our catalog - only here you can enjoy such a huge variety. Available are lush and elegant plants, multicolor and classic, having a non-standard shape and suitable for almost any event.

Delivery of flowers


Irvine Florist offers a huge assortment of theme flowers for different holidays and events, such as:


  • Birthday. Presenting bouquets, in this case, is a touching, sweet and romantic tradition. With the help of beautiful composition, it will be possible to make the celebration more joyful, tender, filled with love. Regardless of which option you choose, the hero of the occasion will surely be convinced of the sincerity and depth of feelings of the donor, he will thank him and remember such a nice present for a long time.
  • Valentine's Day cannot be presented without recognition in the feelings of a soulmate. It is recommended to supplement your words with a beautiful bouquet of roses. Turning to our store, you can count on fast delivery and interaction with qualified florists who will do everything possible to design a chic, glamorous composition that touches the recipient and allows him to verify the sincerity of your intentions.
  • Mothers Day. We do not often thank our parents for all that they have done for us: they gave us life, put us on our feet and raised them right. Therefore, it is always worth remembering the holiday on the last Sunday of November. With the help of flowers, you will delight the main woman in your life and say so "thank you" for a happy and carefree childhood.
  • Birth of a child. In this case, more than ever, charming, delicate and airy flowers will come in handy. The beautiful half of humanity will appreciate bouquets in boxes, baskets. We offer a large selection of shades, decorative options and the plants themselves, so making a choice will not be difficult.
  • Wedding. Florists are most careful in preparation of wedding bouquets because this is one of the most important days in the life of newlyweds. Masters will make chic bouquets of white roses, peonies, orchids with other flowers at the discretion of the client.

Delivery of elite flowers in Irvine


Our delivery service is the right choice! In our florist shop, everyone can purchase elite compositions on favorable terms: 


  • Florists will help with an individual selection of a bouquet that is ideal for you. Specialists will assemble the order according to your wishes and preferences.
  • Regularly holding various promotions and discounts for customers.
  • The widest selection of bouquets for various events.
  • Exclusively fresh flowers are available.
  • Prompt delivery.


Irvine flower delivery is guaranteed to meet your expectations. The recipient will receive a luxurious floral arrangement that will melt his heart, delight, make him happy and will be remembered for a long time. For detailed information on the nuances of cooperation and delivery, please contact our managers and consult with them.

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