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Hello! My name is Alla and I am a creative director at FLORAL N5.

Congratulations on your upcoming event!

I really know how exciting and important it is to find a florist, that will be a good match for you and will turn your dreams into reality. The one, who will take care of your event, by achieving a desirable result for a decent price.

Our FLORAL N5 team loves to come up with the flower ideas for weddings and would be very happy to work on yours!

We are a flower boutique, located in Studio City, CA. We always have fresh flowers and impeccable taste.

Working with a bride is inspiration for us.
We will consider each and every detail of your wedding, especially an interior design of the venue.
We will make bride’s wishes real and will offer the most suitable solution in terms of color combination, floral style and seasonal flowers.

Why brides choose us?
We work very quickly
Send us a request and you will receive an offer and a quote within 24 hours during weekdays.
We understand brides at a glance
All our specialists have over 13 years of experience. If we combine all our experience, we will get more than 1000 weddings.
We are careful with the client's budget
We offer solutions that will help you get the maximum visual result.
We are on a trend wave
We track fashion trends and offer creative ultra modern solutions along with the classic traditional style.
What kind of weddings do we create?

Simply traditional wedding. Only floristic decoration, that includes hydrangeas, roses, lisianthuses. Starts at $4000. For about 100 guests. Check out the sample estimate to understand our pricing policy.

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Unique event design, created from scratch to match the venue perfectly and reflect the couple's style and taste. The price of such project starts at $15000. Look at the sample estimate to understand what positions this project may include.

View example
How do we work with couples?
Step 1

Please fill out the form. Based on this data, we will prepare a commercial offer and an estimate for you.

Step 2
As soon as the offer and estimate are ready, we will schedule meeting in-person or zoom call.
Step 3
Further, after discussions, we will prepare an invoice for payment. At the request of the couple, it can be 50% or distribution of payments for the period of wedding preparation.
Step 4
When the payment is received, we will start doing all the preparations and will stay in touch with you.

Tina Sean

Floral N5, thank you so much for your design! Our wedding was small, but so unique and stunning! I really appreciate all ideas you have suggested. I have seen a lot of vendors, but only your team offered me the proposal so quickly, so I was shocked of your professionalism.

Velma Sanders

I’m so exited about my wedding bouquet! It was only 1 week befor my wedding and a lot of vendors couldn’t accept the order giving me over priced inquiry because of the short terms. So, Floral N5 gave me the best market price and created the best bridal bouquet I had seen!

Anita Marks

Planning wedding decoration part was a real mess for me before I met Floral N5! A lot of wedding vendors answered so long, without telling me estimates. It seems like every wedding from every vendor is so unique, that they couldn’t give me the approximate prices.When Floral N5 answered me, I couldn’t believe my eyes! They send me an estimate and proposal from different bride, so I could see their price policy and compare with another vendors. They work was so professional, I really glad that I choose them! The wedding was beautiful and classic, I felt relief enjoying the wedding preparation. Thank you so much, guys! I love you and definitely recommend you to my friends.

Jennifer Johnson

Thank you Floral N5 for your creativity! I really didn’t know what I want for my wedding. Every wedding designer asked my preference and I didn’t know what to answer. I just wanted someone to offer me some nice ideas instead of googling.Floral N5 just send me a inquirer and after 2 days I received a design proposal of my dream! I didn’t know how, but they just read my mind and realized all my wishes which I didn’t expect! The best of the best!

Kate Kodin

Floral N5 – is a dream team! When I received the 1 letter from guys, I thought that it is over my budget, but I took a risk. Fulfilled the questioner, received floral proposal and compared with different floral studios. I realized, that Floral N 5 ideas were more modern and interesting for us, so we decided to increase the budget. So the result was a wonderful wedding that I will remember till the rest of my life.

Karin Booth

I’m so grateful for the result of Floral N5 work. I was worried that some one can spoil my wedding day. You know, a lot of company offers photos from the internet and promise that they can do the same. But I didn’t believe that it is possible. Floral N5 offered me sketches for upcoming event with all dimensions and flowers recipes. Also they showed me timelines for set up and I was sure that everything will be perfect! Thank you guys, that you are so flexible and understanding.