Best flowers for a birthday gift in 2021


Not a single holiday, let alone a birthday, can be imagined without flowers. These amazing creatures of nature surround man everywhere. Skilled florists offer modest bouquets and chic flower arrangements. They often become an indispensable element for decorating a festive interior.

Birthday is a special, personal holiday. Therefore, I want the bouquet to reflect a person, reveal his main character traits, talk about his affections, cause delight and radiance in the eyes. The best flowers for a birthday gift in 2021 are the ones that suit the giver the most in a variety of ways.

Fashion trends of flower arrangements

Fashion is present in almost every area of ​​human activity. Floristry is no exception. Every year trends change, compositions become more sophisticated and perfect. Before buying flowers for a birthday girl, you need to find out about her preferences:

  • what flowers she likes - field or garden flowers, large or small, bright or delicate;
  • what is more to your liking: a modest bouquet or a luxurious composition;
  • whether certain types of flowers cause allergies.

Or maybe the one to whom you want to give a gift loves flowers in a pot. It is advisable to know these nuances in advance. A good option is to give a bouquet, taking into account what zodiac sign the person was born under:

  1. Aries. They are passionate, enthusiastic natures, they follow the current trends in fashion. They are delighted with roses, they admire anemones, they are not averse to accepting bright tulips and delicate violets as gifts.
  2. Taurus. This sign includes people for whom harmony and tranquility are important. Flowers should not emit a strong, but natural aroma. Therefore, chrysanthemums and gladioli are excellent choices for them. But they also like roses, especially in a combination of red and white flowers.
  3. Gemini. Curious, positive calves love almost all flowers: roses, peonies, mimosa, gladioli and carnations. If we talk about the color palette - blue, white, light yellow, purple shades are perfect.
  4. Cancer. Sensitive representatives of this sign are recommended to give flowers of light shades with a delicate aroma. Callas, lilies, lilacs are what you need. You should not give them peonies, carnations and mimosa, otherwise the mood will be ruined.
  5. Leo. The bouquet should be regal. The flowers in it are large and stylish. Long-stemmed roses are ideal. Leo is delighted with roses and gladioli, he loves tulips and chrysanthemums. A flower arrangement will always be appropriate.
  6. Virgo. They love wildflowers, but they will gladly accept exquisite and sophisticated orchids as gifts. But you should not give gerberas and gladioli.
  7. Libra. Representatives of this sign do not recognize asymmetry, they like sweet smells. Therefore, roses and freesias are excellent choices.
  8. Scorpio. These are people with bright appearance, they are sensitive, they like expensive flowers. so they try to emphasize their status. Rich flower arrangements with bright colors are the best option.
  9. Sagittarius. People born under this sign like pomp and solemnity. It is best to present the bouquet in a package. They love spring flowers.
  10. Capricorn. The people of this sign are characterized by restraint, ambition. They will gladly accept cacti from you. But they do not need to give asters or bells.
  11. Aquarius. This sign is not indifferent to the stunning scent of roses, they like greenery for decorating bouquets. They are especially delighted with the cascading composition.
  12. Fish. The most favorite flowers for those born under this sign are lilies and orchids. But they also like the smells of spring flowers, which can awaken tenderness in them.

These small recommendations will help in choosing flowers for the birthday of loved ones, friends, colleagues.

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