The most popular bouquets of 2021

If you want to pleasantly surprise a loved one – order flowers delivery to your home, office, restaurant. The company "FLORAL №5" will help you with this. We have been delivering flowers for many years and we know everything about how to please a person with a flower arrangement. After all, flowers are a way to express your attitude towards a person. A bouquet can tell about your feelings, remind you of pleasant moments, express sympathy, admiration or gratitude. In "FLORAL №5" they are able to create just such a composition that will evoke the necessary emotions in the hero of the occasion. The most popular bouquets of 2021 can be ordered from us. The creation of a flower arrangement is creativity. This is how our employees approach the business. They create bouquets that are unique in their kind, not similar to the work of competitors, either visually or in semantic content. Our clients appreciate the company for its originality, efficiency and creative approach to business.

Choosing flowers: tips and nuances

You will not go wrong and will surely surprise your loved one if you order a bouquet of three hundred roses from us. Such a present will certainly cause an explosion of emotions and will be remembered for a long time. But such a composition is not suitable for everyone. For example, such a bouquet would be inappropriate for a colleague at work. Therefore, in order to guess with flowers, you need to adhere to some generally accepted patterns and know which flowers are suitable for whom:

  1. The rose is considered a universal flower in terms of giving. A bouquet of 50 red roses will suit both your beloved wife or girlfriend, and an anniversary to your mother or boss. These beautiful flowers with a delicious scent symbolize vitality, love, passion and affection. Yellow or tea roses are suitable for older people. Pink ones are given to young girls or romantic people.
  2. Peonies are flowers that symbolize wealth, harmony and home comfort. It is customary to give them for weddings, anniversaries, christenings of a child, etc. White peonies are usually given to parents, relatives; pink – girls, employees, colleagues, girlfriends.
  3. Orchid is a bright, exotic flower that is ideal for extraordinary personalities. A bouquet of orchids symbolizes delight, admiration and affection. If you want to hint that you distinguish a person from others – give him just such flowers.
  4. Chrysanthemums have a sharp and incomparable aroma. This flower is highly prized in eastern countries and symbolizes wisdom, strength and inner beauty. We choose the color of the chrysanthemums for the occasion. For weddings – white, for anniversaries - yellow, red, cream, for birthdays – multi-colored or according to the birthday person's preference.
  5. Tulips are associated with spring, the awakening of nature, warmth and festive mood. But you can give such flowers not only on the day of March 8. Tulips are given as a sign of warm and romantic feelings, as well as a sign of friendship and gratitude. A lush bouquet of tulips will delight both mother and beloved wife, girlfriend or colleague. It is not customary to give tulips to men.
  6. Carnations are often undeservedly ignored, believing that they are given only to the elderly or as a token of memory. In fact, these delicate, beautiful flowers symbolize devotion, loyalty, admiration and sincerity. Order a luxurious bouquet of red carnations for your boss's anniversary, congratulate your colleague on the promotion, thank your parents for their love and affection.
  7. Gerberas are flowers that look like little suns. They are just as cute and evoke warm and joyful emotions. If you want to cheer up a loved one, order a lush bouquet of bright multi-colored gerberas from FLORAL №5. The result will not be long in coming.

Our florists are able to put together exactly the composition that is able to amaze and evoke the necessary emotions.

Delivery of the best flowers from "FLORAL №5"

It often happens that, due to circumstances, you cannot be close to family, friends or loved ones on a holiday or memorable day. To remind of yourself, congratulate or support a loved one - order a bouquet for him from "FLORAL №5". Flowers from our company can be more eloquent than a thousand words. The advantages of our service:

  • the widest selection of flowers – from exotic species of orchids to field daisies;
  • affordable prices – everyone can choose a bouquet for their budget;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • delivery is made on time to the specified address;
  • the ability to supplement the bouquet with an accompanying gift - a toy, balloons, sweets, candles, etc;
  • all flowers are delivered fresh, aesthetically pleasing and presentable.

Our company meets every client halfway and tries to take into account all his wishes. We deliver not just flowers, but also joy, emotions and good mood.