Best wedding bouquets in 2021

For every woman, fresh flowers are considered a pleasant addition to the gift. And if we are talking about a wedding, it is simply unrealistic to do without them. The most important bouquet is with the bride. Fresh flowers decorate the hall, arches, and all kinds of other installations. There is also a fashion for flowers. Florists constantly surprise clients with original, interesting design ideas and fantasies. Therefore, in order to correctly choose the best wedding bouquets in 2021, it is recommended to heed their advice:

  1. For slender brides, it is better to choose flowers of small sizes. It is recommended for girls in the body to pick up a bouquet of medium size. Otherwise, its completeness will be more pronounced.
  2. Growth also matters. Any composition is suitable for tall girls - elongated, with hanging elements. But brides of short stature need to be more careful in their choice.
  3. It is better for girls with blond hair to buy flowers of delicate shades; for brunettes, blue, purple and other unusual tones are suitable. Red-haired - the bright, juicy colors of plants will be just right.
  4. The flower arrangement must be chosen earlier, it must be in harmony with the image of the bride, the style of her dress. Flowers should not take on an accent, but they also cannot be a pale shadow of the bride.

Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice on your own. The florist will help you to make it correctly. If we talk about fashionable shades, purple color and its tones are relevant in the new season.

Spring Wedding Bouquet 2021

This time is characterized by the awakening of nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that you want to see a lot of greenery. Delicate tulips in pink, yellow, light lilac shades are great for a wedding celebration. It is very important that the flowers are delicate. You can choose any flowers. A composition that combines several types of plants will look great. Orchids, anemones, chamomiles, hydrangeas - choose any. They are all appropriate for the celebration of the bride and groom.

Summer wedding bouquets 2021

During this period, you can choose flowers of any color. They don't have to be pale. Juicy, bright, colorful flowers always have a place at such a wonderful holiday. And it is quite understandable that in the summer the bride wants a lot of colors with which she dreams to outshine all those present.

Florists in the new season have prepared a lot of interesting ideas, which they propose to use. For example, a raspberry branch inserted into a bouquet is considered a trend this year. It is possible that florists will add dried fruits, spikelets and many green plants to summer bouquets this summer. In the new season, roses with mustard, powdery, flesh-beige shades are fashionable for a wedding.

Wedding flowers in the fall of 2021

Each flower shop has its own characteristics and features. Online store "FLORAL№5". Here, buyers are offered a huge selection of colors. And it is quite natural that the autumn representatives of the flora also decorate the salon. They are distinguished by stunning splendor and a variety of color shades. Asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums are suitable for a bouquet or composition. Today it is fashionable to combine them with artichokes, anemones and calla lilies. Especially in the priority purple shades. Choose your color and the staff will compose the composition of your choice.

Bouquet for a winter wedding 2021

It is clear that the choice largely depends on the tastes and preferences of the bride. Even in winter, she has the opportunity to roam. There is no advice and no specific colors. You can order a bouquet of bright fairy-tale roses or strict gerberas, which are amazingly combined with any bride's outfit. Both are universal. In recent years, carnations have been popular with brides - charming creatures that can withstand winter frosts. Do not forget that these flowers are a symbol of purity, loyalty and love. Choosing them, the girl makes a choice in favor of family values.

Where to order

"FLORAL№5" is an online store that is always happy to help you. Our experts will not only advise which flowers are suitable for a particular celebration. They will make a composition that will take into account all the wishes of the client. We have the best and freshest flowers, different types of packaging, they will definitely please your darling. Order flowers from us and they will be delivered within a strictly specified time frame, to the address indicated in the application.