Popular flowers in a box in 2021

Many people are wondering today how to please loved ones. Flowers in a box have been a trend in floristry for the last few years and have a number of advantages. In 2021 they can be ordered from our online store. Here you will find a wide variety of design compositions and the most popular flowers in a box in 2021.

Where did the tradition of giving flowers in a box come from?

For the first time flowers in a box appeared in Great Britain at the end of the 18th century. It is unknown who was the first with the idea of ​​making gifts in that way, but it turned out to be very original and interesting.

For a long time flowers were sold in oval boxes. There was no technology to make a round box of an ideal shape. Today such models are called “hats” and are very popular all over the world. Due to their elegant and beautiful look, you can create an unusual bouquet of different flowers.

Giving flowers in a box is one of the most fashionable trends in the world of floristry in 2021. Craftsmen try to create incredible installations, using seasonal and rare types of flowers, fruits, sweets or drinks. You can choose a bouquet based on the preferences of clients, the tastes of the lady, the particulars of the occasion: a holiday, the desire to make something pleasant, decoration of the room for the upcoming holiday (wedding, anniversary, corporate party).

The benefits of such a gift

Flowers in a box are popular for their incredibly beautiful designs, but they also have other benefits:

  • convenience during transportation;
  • long shelf life;
  • easy way to care for flowers.

A special sponge is placed at the bottom of the box which nourishes the flowers with moisture. Plants are immediately placed with clipped legs. There is no need to take out flowers after purchase and put them in a vase. With the help of a syringe, you can add water to the box every day to keep the bouquet fresh and beautiful for several days. Additional care is not required.

You no longer need to remove the wrapper, trim the flowers, change the water regularly and wash the vase. Florists made sure immediately that your flower care was as simple as possible and did not cause discomfort.

The flowers in the sponge are well fixed, so the composition does not lose its attractiveness during long-term transportation or careless handling.

You can create a bouquet of any size, from 1 small rose to a massive human-sized composition. A set can include one variety of flowers, for example, roses, or mix of roses, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. It’s possible to create a monochrome bouquet (red, white, pink, yellow, blue, purple) or find unusual combinations that will be associated with spring, meadow, forest lawn.

Unusual installations can be created from flowers, for example, a bouquet where a small teddy bear is laid out of roses. It looks very cute, you won’t definitely find such a bunch in any ordinary store.

Conversation in the language of flowers

Choosing bouquets, many people forget that certain feelings can be expressed with their help because each flower has a meaning:

  • roses - the definition depends on the color (white roses are associated with happiness and innocence, therefore they are given for the birth of a child or for a wedding, yellow ones mean jealousy and friendship, red roses express love and sensuality).
  • narcissists - vanity, narcissism and passion;
  • tulips  - wealth, youth, affection;
  • carnations-feminine charm;
  • gladioli - sincerity, affection;
  • calla lilies - chastity, purity;
  • irises - wisdom, calmness;
  • lilies - nobility, innocence, splendor;
  • orchid - refinement, love.

Every woman feels intuitively what emotion was implied by the person who presented such a gift. Knowledge in floristry helps to present a bouquet in an elegant and unusual way, thereby you can surprise a girl, give her unforgettable emotions and good mood.

For a special evening, ask the florist to choose a bouquet based on the importance of the event and the feeling you want to add to the gift. He will be able to create a unique combination that will emphasize your special relationship with the girl.

Why do many clients choose our service

The online store "FLORAL №5" offers a huge selection of flowers in a box. Each bouquet designed by our florists is unique. Clients appreciate us for creating incredibly beautiful compositions that have no equal on the market.

Over the years, we have assembled a large team of professional florists that can work miracles. Incredibly beautiful bouquets can be made from ordinary seasonal flowers and from rare ones brought on order. The most suitable bouquet is selected for each customer, all wishes are taken into account.

The company delivers flowers to any corner of the city, the courier always arrives at the agreed time. You can choose a convenient payment method, the conditions are negotiated individually with each client. Now you can give a bouquet to your beloved even if you are far away or too busy to come and congratulate her personally. She will get positive emotions and good mood.


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