How to keep flowers fresh longer?

Fresh flowers in Los Angeles

Want to order fresh flowers? The presented flower arrangement can please the hostess if you take care of her correctly. Cut flowers experience a certain amount of stress after we deprive them of their natural source of moisture and nutrition, therefore it is important to provide them with a comfortable environment. Plants are more likely to wilt due to lack of water or decreased sugars. This usually happens when the vessels of the plant are clogged with air bubbles.

To prevent such a nuisance, it is important to make the right cut of the stem, and only then put the flowers in the water. There are still a lot of nuances, after reading which even a non-professional florist will know - how to keep flowers fresh for a long time?

To renew them, just hold them under running cold water. Pay attention to the bottom of the bouquet - remove the lower leaves from the stem. Florists also recommend crushing the bottom of the stem (about 2 cm) with a hammer - this will increase the surface of moisture absorption and allow the flowers to delight you with their beauty for a longer period. If you are doing everything correctly and cannot understand why cut flowers still wither, pay attention to the following recommendation.


How to keep flowers fresh in a vase?

  • Disinfection of water. Boil and cool running water - this will rid it of harmful substances. You can go the opposite way, turning the liquid into ice - meltwater is good for plants. You can disinfect water with a piece of charcoal - just put it on the bottom of the vase and it will do its job.
  • Prune your plants every day
  • Change the water in the vase regularly and do not forget about feeding
  • Do not forget to pick off wilted buds and petals so that they do not take away moisture from viable ones.
  • Spray large leaves from a spray bottle
  • Observe color compatibility.