The best flower trends of 2020 in Los Angeles

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In the modern world, fashion trends are developing very quickly, attracting their attention not only in the fashion and beauty industries, but also in the field of flowers. Constantly offering us fresh ideas.

As you know, all the fair sex is very fond of flowers, and any event related to young ladies cannot do without a bouquet.

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Floral trends 2020 will also not keep you waiting. They will interest both curious girls and professional florists. After all, we all want to please ourselves, loved ones, and friends with the latest squeaks in the field of fashionable bouquets.

The main trend can be considered the maximum naturalness of the bouquet and the barely noticeable intervention of the florist. The bouquet should make it feel like you just plucked it on the lawn. When creating such bouquets, florists refuse from even and folded flowers in a certain order. Now lightness, creative chaos, and interesting negligence are important.

An unusual paper or box should also be considered an important trend. Mono-bouquets packed in such paper will be considered the most trendy of the new season. Also, professional florists offer graceful, excellent bouquets of completely different types of flowers, which are surprisingly perfectly combined in one bouquet.

Floristic ideas offer us a variety of bouquets with peonies, poppies, and English roses. Supplemented with exotic succulents, as well as wildflowers and even daffodils. Bouquets will look unusual with the addition of attractive protea and banksia. Of course, you can easily order luxury bouquets online in our store(12749 Ventura Blvd, Studio City).

It is also very important how the florist will select the design. After all, each flower should be in harmony with all other colors and with the design itself. The color, shade, and material itself are important here. Bouquet packaging, bows, ribbons - everything should be combined perfectly.

Another very important trend - bouquets are no longer exclusively floral. Now it is fashionable to add different fruits, berries, dried flowers, and different decor. Also, now you can often see a variety of compositions where, for example, roses and sweets are combined. Such a box no longer becomes an addiction, but a whole gift.

It is also surprising that florists offer creative solutions in which you can combine flower arrangements in tandem with a gift (jewelry, soft toys, goodies).

Trendy bouquets will feature extraordinary colors and shades. Therefore, to choose a fashionable bouquet, pay attention to the color palettes of flowers:

What are 2020 floral wedding trends?

Modern brides are increasingly choosing bouquets of a natural shape with casually sticking out additions. It can be any color, but the main rule here is that the bouquet should be in complete harmony with the palette of the couple's outfit and be suitable for the wedding decoration.