Things you didn't know about lotus flowers

Things you didn't know about lotus flowers

The lotus is considered one of the most ancient and mysterious plants. Historians and archaeologists find his images in the cultural layers of different eras and on different continents - Ancient Egypt, India, ancient Greece, the Sumerian civilization, the Dogon tribes, Maya, and many others. Descriptions of the lotus are found in myths and legends of all ancient peoples who inhabited our land. Our flower shop n5 in Studio city, California prepared some interesting facts about the lotus flower.


An interesting fact happened back in 1881 during the excavation of the tomb of Pharaoh Ramses 2. Among antiques, gold, and precious stones, the attention of researchers was most attracted by several dried lotus buds, neatly lying in the most prominent place. According to scientists, they lay in the tomb for about 3000 years and perfectly preserved their color. Why did the ancient Egyptians pay so much attention and reverence to this flower?


Did you know that lotus seeds also have truly magical properties? At the moment, it is difficult for scientists to explain why lotus seeds have the ability to germinate for thousands of years.


Indeed, back in 1933 in England, newspapers were full of sensational news, when botanists managed to germinate lotus seeds in the botanical garden, which were about four centuries old. Even then, scientists doubted this and conducted their own research. What do you think? They managed to germinate lotus seeds that were over a thousand years old! It’s the oldest flower in the world! And American scientists from the University of California managed to grow the lotus flower itself from a seed whose age is equal to 1300 years. But the number one centenary seed that scientists have found are seeds from Japan. They were found in a dried peat bog and radiocarbon analysis showed that the seeds were about two thousand years old. They, in turn, also sprouted in a few days. In their studies, scientists were able to find an enzyme in the seeds, due to which damage in the protein structure is eliminated.

This enzyme in lotus seeds is active regardless of their age, i.e. it makes no difference how old the seed is - 1000 or 1 year. But scientists continue their research since there is no one hundred percent certainty that it is thanks to this enzyme that lotus seeds are immortal.

Since ancient times, the lotus gave people not only its indescribable beauty but also delicious food and served as a medicine for many diseases. The first mentions of the lotus as a healing remedy were found in ancient Chinese sources. In Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Indian medicine, the whole flower was used to prepare medicinal devices. From each part of the flower, ancient healers could prepare different medicinal tinctures, ointments, it truly served as a lifesaver from many diseases. In ancient Egypt, India, delicious tortillas were prepared from lotus seeds. And nowadays there are various recipes for making soups, meat dishes and various lotus-based snacks.

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The lotus flower is divinely beautiful and is always facing the sun. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the location of a kind of light sensor on the flower. There is another striking discovery. When the lotus blooms, and this continues for four days, in the daytime the flower inside itself maintains a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, and at night the flower lowers its internal temperature to ten degrees! Scientists have only been able to explain the chemical processes that occur during lotus bloom, but the reason for the change in temperature remains a mystery.