All facts about chrysanthemum

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Chrysanthemum is a flower with a thousand-year history and a real queen of autumn. It can be a wonderful decoration for a flower bed, garden, or shop, and the medicinal properties of flowers allow chrysanthemum to be attributed to medicinal plants. Besides, in terms of the number of admirers of the oriental beauty around the world, she is not inferior even to the recognized queens of greenhouses in the form of roses and orchids.

What does the chrysanthemum symbolize?

The name of chrysanthemums comes from Chrysanthemum, which translates from Latin as "Golden Flower". The first varieties of plants were modest in appearance and did not stand out in anything, having a small inflorescence of an exceptionally yellow color. Today in the world there are up to 15 thousand varieties of flowers, which can differ in color, height, and size of the bud, but there is one invariable feature - the shape resembling the sun.

It is not known for certain where the chrysanthemum comes from, but it is generally believed that this is East Asia, in particular, the territories of present-day China and Japan. It was in the writings of the local peoples that the oldest mentions of a flower were found, which date back to the 10th century. BC. For a long time, it has become part of the everyday life of not only traditional but also modern medicine.

How to care for chrysanthemums?

The peculiarity of bouquets of chrysanthemums, in contrast to bouquets of roses or tulips, is that these sissies are cut off when they are already fully blooming. Therefore, to say how long do chrysanthemum flowers last, this fact must be taken into account.

For this reason, the residence time of fresh chrysanthemums in water is much shorter than the same roses or lilacs. For the flowers to stand in a vase for up to 21 days, retaining their beauty and freshness, you need purified water. Regularly, every couple of days, the liquid is poured out of the vase, the container is thoroughly washed and filled with fresh water. After each replacement of clean water, the cuts of the stems are slightly trimmed again, deepening the longitudinal cuts.

When do chrysanthemums bloom?

It all depends on the variety of chrysanthemums, which differ in the level of light sensitivity. The higher this indicator, the later the flowering will begin. The earliest variety will begin to bloom in April, and the latest in November.

Where can I buy chrysanthemums?

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