Trendy 2021 Wedding Bouquets in Los Angeles

Preparing for the upcoming wedding takes a lot of time. It is necessary to calculate everything to the smallest detail, take into account all the nuances. One of the main wedding accessories is the bridal bouquet. Flowers are symbolic. The tradition of a wedding bouquet was born a long time ago. It is not possible to say exactly where - in Europe, Rome or Greece. But the history of its appearance is associated with the magical properties of representatives of the flora. Each nation has its own magical plants. But there are also generally accepted rules according to which you need to create flower arrangements. There is also an opinion that such an accessory is able to protect against evil influences, give the bride confidence and invulnerability. Let's consider what fashionable wedding bouquets of 2021 in Los Angeles customers can buy by visiting the official website of the online store "Flower Shop N5".

Wedding bouquet trends in 2021

Despite the fact that the whole world was swept by a pandemic in 2020-2021, life goes on. At the same time, the format of wedding bouquets has changed in the new season. People are increasingly giving preference to flowers that create a soulful atmosphere in the circle of their closest people. Guests are not invited as many as before, so they pay special attention to details. There are the following trends in fashionable wedding bouquets of 2021 in Los Angeles:

  1. The composition can be composed of a wide variety of plants using challenging, vibrant colors. For example, a bouquet looks unusual, stylish, in which fern, protea and magnificent hydrangea are harmoniously combined.
  2. Use a variety of forms. It can be a classic bouquet, or "disheveled" flowers. But it is desirable that the stems in it were open. Structures for fastening flower arrangements are not in trend today.
  3. Mixing different textures. Thanks to this feature, the bouquet will really turn out to be extraordinary. A combination of dry and live plants is perfectly acceptable.
  4. Add a lot of greenery and small flowers to the bouquets. It can be gypsophila, which looks touching and tender.
  5. Mono-bouquets are in fashion. They are perfect for brides who prefer the classics. The bouquet will turn out in the style of minimalism, it is elegant and sophisticated, it will emphasize the good taste of its owner. The main rule is not to overload the composition. Everything should look simple and tasteful. Peonies and gypsophila are suitable as flowers for such a composition. It is not at all necessary to create a mono-bouquet from white flowers. Experiment, add colors, this is welcome in the new season. At the same time, elegance will not disappear anywhere, just the composition will acquire new, completely different colors.

The season is also very important for a wedding bouquet. Indeed, each season has its own beautiful representatives of the flora that reflect it. Some of them are only available at specific times. They can take on an accent, become a fashionable feature, create a special atmosphere of celebration.

If the wedding takes place in the spring, you can create a truly magical composition for the bride. During this period, a huge number of stunning, beautiful flowers bloom, including tulips, peonies, lilies of the valley, mimosas. You can even insert a delicate cherry twig into the bouquet.

In summer, the bouquet looks no less interesting and colorful. You can choose delicate daisies, graceful gladioli, asters. They perfectly complement the image of the bride.

The autumn bouquet is today decorated with trendy dry plants. Such a bouquet is made in a bohemian style and looks luxurious. Bright hues such as honey, terracotta, and ocher are very popular.

In winter, the choice is somewhat limited, but this makes it possible to show imagination, doing all kinds of experiments using royal roses, calla lilies, gerberas. Even succulents can be wonderful decorations. The bouquet looks fresh and in a new way, in which a rowan branch occupies a worthy place. Go to the flower shop and choose the bouquets you like in the offered catalog. If you are missing something, our florists will definitely complement the composition, taking into account your preferences.