Trendy Summer Flowers 2021 in Los Angeles

Fashion changes every year and new opportunities for creativity open up. Such variability directly affects floristry as well. Bouquets and flower arrangements begin to be composed depending on color preferences and the general concept of fashion trends.

The entire female population of our wonderful planet loves to receive flowers as a present or just in token of attention. To bring joy to your loved ones and not seem old-fashioned you need to know which flowers and flower arrangements will be the most fashionable in summer 2021.

Main floristic trends

This year florists obeying the fashion trends will arrange their compositions in accordance with the following requirements:

  •  simplicity and reasonable restraint;
  • pastel colors and naturalness;
  • use of dried flowers.

This does not mean that in summer 2021 we will have to abandon bright bouquets. Many floral arrangements will be composed of red, burgundy and scarlet flowers. Such bouquets express strong feelings, passion and dynamism in a relationship. They are as necessary as life itself with its rapid turns and unexpected surprises so a beautiful and proud rose will remain the undeniable prima of this year's compositions.

Trending 2021 summer flowers in Los Angeles can be very diverse. But we do not always need to express a storm of emotions. Tenderness, kindness and gentleness can also win the heart of any woman. In this case bouquets in pink, cream or pastel shades will be the most suitable. Such sensual compositions can be composed of different types of roses with small and large buds, orchids and hydrangeas. Bouquets in pastel colors will be a pleasant gift for both young girls and women of any age. After all they can be given not only on a specific occasion but simply as a sign of attention and respect for a loved one as well.

White bouquets are always in fashion. This color expresses bright feelings, purity, perfection and solemnity. If you present white flowers to your girlfriend she will feel your admiration even without words spoken about love. Snow-white bouquets for brides are especially popular. They can consist of white roses in combination with eustomas, lisianthuses, matthiolas.

Voluminous bouquets for special occasions, birthdays and anniversaries have not been forgotten this season. They can be composed of multi-colored flowers such as peonies, poppies, English roses, carnations, calla lilies. Succulents will be widely used in combination with wildflowers. Exotic protea, tree-like flowers are also in trend. They are able to decorate any bouquet and make it original and unique. Lovers of the classics will also be satisfied because magnificent mono bunches of fresh flowers are always in demand despite all the fashion changes.

Flower delivery in Los Angeles

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