Wedding: it's time to give flowers

A wedding is the most memorable day in the life of two people in love who have decided to create a full-fledged family. The organization of this special ceremony begins to be planned in advance. It's no secret that flowers play a special role on this day. They decorate the hall of the wedding ceremony, festive tables, guests' outfits, and the bridal bouquet should amaze everyone present at the holiday with its sophistication and originality. Naturally, each of the guests, along with a gift, tries to present the newlyweds with a beautiful floral arrangement. In general, wedding flower arrangements serve the most important functions:

  • create a beautiful background;
  • fill the space in the room with a special aroma;
  • evoke positive emotions and the desired mood;
  • create a relaxing and serene atmosphere for the ceremony;
  • express the aesthetic preferences of the heroes of the occasion.

The bridal bouquet deserves special attention, which accompanies her throughout the day. It naturally takes a special place in the festive photo shoot. The quality of the completed bouquet will determine its presentability, as well as the freshness of the flowers throughout the holiday. The Flower Shop N5 Los Angeles Wedding Flower Salon is the perfect solution for this kind of celebration. Our florists will make sure that this day is truly unforgettable for the young couple. Visit our website and place an order.

Choosing flower arrangements from "Flower Shop N5"

Naturally, every couple wants to decorate their main holiday in life with compositions of their favorite flowers. Our company is ready to decorate the ceremony with bouquets of any flowers - from field daisies to exotic orchids. And for guests as a present for lovers, our salon offers the following types of luxurious wedding flowers:

  1. Compositions in a stylish gift box. This gift is very popular because you no longer have to look for a plant vase. The product itself correctly complements the floristic composition and retains its aesthetic properties. The bouquet is distinguished by its mobility in case you need to transfer gorgeous flowers from place to place.
  2. In a bouquet. Bridal bouquets are a more traditional and standard packaging option that is an integral part of any festive event, especially a wedding ceremony. A beautifully designed composition will give the bride extremely positive emotions. On this wonderful day, she should stand out among the guests and feel special.

You can independently choose a bouquet from the ones presented on the website and order its delivery, or talk to our florists, and they will create an original composition, taking into account all the wishes of the client.

The most popular flowers for a wedding from the "Flower Shop N5"

In the design of a small wedding bouquet, the following types of flowers are most often used:

  1. Roses. The visiting card of these flowers is sophistication, an unforgettable aroma and indescribable beauty. Plus, these fantastic flowers symbolize love, making them ideal for a wedding ceremony. Roses look elegant, stylish, delight with their appearance and heady aroma. That is why they are in great demand and are considered the main flowers among other plants.
  2. Carnations. Another popular wedding flower is the carnation. They are available in a wide variety of shades. Finding the right option is easy. The final composition is guaranteed to meet the expectations and delight of all guests of the ceremony.
  3. Eustoma. They have established themselves as rather delicate and refined plants. Visually, eustomas are similar to roses, but there are no thorns on their thin stems. Refined shades and exquisite aroma make them one of the most romantic flowers in floristry.
  4. Astilba. The non-standard flower has an openwork texture, it looks airy and romantic. Astilbe is sold in different shades, so you can definitely please the newlyweds.
  5. Peonies are luxurious flowers that symbolize harmony, happiness and prosperity. They look stylish as a bridal bouquet, and can also become an original solution in the design of the hall and tables.

If you would like to purchase a bridal bouquet, please visit the official website of our flower shop. The freshest and most beautiful plants are sold here, which are purchased from the best producers, who have long established themselves. The cost of a wedding bouquet for the bride will depend on the type of plants included in it, the presence of additional decorative elements, packaging and design details.