We order a wonderful bouquet for graduation

The graduation party is a special holiday for each of us. This is the so-called boundary between adolescence and adulthood. Such an event cannot be imagined without congratulations and, of course, flowers. They are present in the decoration of the hall where the ceremony takes place, they are presented to graduates, who, in turn, decorate their outfits with exquisite boutonnieres. The most popular 2021 Los Angeles graduation flowers are offered by Flower Shop N5. Cooperating with us, each client receives:

  • only fresh flowers in excellent condition;
  • a wide selection of bouquets – from delicate field bouquets to impressive exotic;
  • affordable prices;
  • individual approach to every customer;
  • originality of solutions in each composition;
  • prompt delivery to anywhere in the city.

By visiting our flower shop, our florists will select the perfect flowers for any occasion, including prom, because it is different from others. It is a celebration of hope, optimism and energy. All heroes of the occasion are young people, which means that there should be appropriate flowers for them, symbolizing youth, faith in the future, friendship and endless happiness.

The best flower arrangements for graduation in "Flower Shop N5"

Flowers at graduation not only decorate the holiday, they make this day more emotional, memorable, add bright colors to photos. If you can attend the event in person, you will have a great opportunity to present the graduate with a gorgeous bouquet of his favorite flowers, or to decorate his wrist with a stylish flower boutonniere. But if such an opportunity does not appear, an excellent solution would be to choose flowers in our store and order their delivery. If you tell our florists a little about the hero of the occasion and his aesthetic preferences, they will create an original composition that favorably emphasizes the dignity of the graduate. You can add sweets, balloons or a toy to the bouquet. You can also attach a small greeting card to the bouquet. If your bouquet is delivered home before the start of the holiday, the graduate will receive an excellent charge of positive emotions for the whole holiday. Believe me, such a pleasant present will surprise and be remembered for a long time.

What flowers to give for the holiday

Of course, any flower is lovely and able to cheer you up, revive pleasant memories in your memory, and cause a smile. But in order to "get into the top ten" and present the perfect bouquet to a graduate, you need to take into account some of the nuances:

  1. It is desirable that the flower arrangement is in harmony with the outfit. If the graduate has a short stature and her dress is in the style of minimalism, then a large lush bouquet, for example, made of hydrangeas, will look inappropriate. The color of the buds is also important, it should not merge with the suit, but, on the contrary, it is beneficial to emphasize it.
  2. Do not forget that there are not enough vases or containers for donated flowers at the prom. Therefore, you should not choose very delicate flowers that quickly fade without moisture. An excellent option would be a composition in a gift box, where there is a special wet sponge. This will keep your bouquet fresh and presentable for a long time. You can also order home delivery before the holiday, or at the end of it.
  3. It is also important to consider the symbolism of flowers. If the graduate is your daughter, give her roses, lilies or peonies in white or other pastel colors. They will symbolize happiness, hope and well-being. Friends can give the heroes of the occasion colorful gerberas, tulips or daisies, which mean joy, energy and positive. It is generally customary to give red flowers to a graduate girl who makes you feel warm.

In any case, our flower shop will be able to decorate the holiday for any graduate. Go to the website of our store, choose flowers and order delivery. Create a mood with our colors.